Private Investigation Classes

The Police Report As An Aid To Your Investigation:Police reports contain a wealth of information. This class describes the anatomy of a police report, teaches you how to interpret the police report and how to use the information in your investigation. Uncover the many types of reports available besides the incident or traffic report. Case examples are provided.

The Most Common Types of Police Reports That Are Helpful For Process Servers, Private Investigators and Attorneys: So much information can be gained from various reports and documentary sources - you just need to know what to look for and how to get them. Attend Online Anytime HERE

Starting Your Own Private Investigation Business: This course provides an inside look at the private investigation industry and what you you need to know PRIOR to setting up a private investigator business.

Website 101 - Private Investigator Edition: Taught by a Private Investigator, for Private Investigators, you will learn how to establish your web presence in this competitive marketplace.

Branding Your Private Investigative Agency: What does your brand say about your business? Topics include: Define branding in the context of private investigative agencies; discuss the importance and value of identifying your core message; get strategies for DIY; hands-on exercises to begin the process; learn brand guidelines and the value of consistency. Taught by a Private Investigator for Private Investigators.

Introduction to Internet Marketing: This course will cover such strategies as blogging, email marketing, video advertising, affiliate marketing, article writing, websites, social media, e-books and more which will help drive traffic to your website.

Why Doesn't My Website Work? Taught by a Private Investigator, for Private Investigators, you will learn how to position your website in this competitive marketplace.

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